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Patna College
Vision And Mission

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Vision And Mission

"Guided by a commitment to excellence, our mission is to empower minds and foster global citizens for a brighter future."


  • A deliberate reassessment of Patna College's esteemed academic legacy.
  • To remain aware and inclusive of Indian Knowledge System.
  • Our goal is to ensure that our education remains pertinent and of highest quality
  • We are committed to advancing knowledge through research and publication.
  • We aim to advance educational programs across various fields of knowledge, fostering synergetic relationship with society and industry.


  • Create a community that focuses on good teaching, research, and activities that help society.
  • To sensitize the students towards environment, sustainability, social obligation, gender equality and human rights.
  • To ensure freedom of thought and creation and foster an environment that appreciates learning and cultural diversity.
  • To create an inclusive atmosphere.
  • Fair and timely examination.
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