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Patna College


Academics in college encompass learning, lectures, exams, assignments, challenges, knowledge, achievements, professors, peers, and the pursuit of intellectual growth and excellence.

Bachelor of Arts [BA]

The Bachelor of Arts program offered at the Patna College provides a multidimensional and interdisciplinary curriculum that encourages critical thinking and also communication skills. Competent teaching staff and the extracurricular activities make the students’ study journey to the future very rich.

MA In Geography

The MA program at the Patna College provides aspiring leaders with the knowledge and strategic skills to lead the businesses. It is led by the competent faculty members that create a focus on the practical application, so that the graduates can assume meaningful positions in the changing corporate world.

Vocational Courses [BBA/BCA/BMC]

Vocational Courses at Patna College prepares the students with important business skills by providing a comprehensive curriculum and also gives guidance from the experts. Its main focus on practical experience ensures that the graduates are really ready to take up the managerial positions in various business settings.

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