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Patna College
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Central Dispensary Health Centre/ Yoga Centre

The Central Dispensary (Health Centre) and Yoga Centre at Patna College collectively represent a commitment to the overall well-being and health of its students and staff.

Central Dispensary (Health Centre):

The Central Dispensary, often referred to as the Health Centre, is a vital component of Patna College's support services. It serves as a primary healthcare facility on campus, providing medical assistance, consultations, and basic healthcare services to students and staff members. This includes treatment for minor illnesses, first aid, health check-ups, and guidance on health-related matters.

The Health Centre aims to ensure that the college community enjoys good physical health, enabling students and faculty to pursue their academic and personal goals without hindrance. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in promoting health awareness and preventive healthcare practices.

Yoga Centre:

The Yoga Centre at Patna College focuses on the holistic well-being of individuals through yoga and meditation. It offers yoga classes and sessions to help students and staff manage stress, improve concentration, and enhance physical and mental fitness. Yoga is considered an effective practice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the centre provides guidance and instruction to help individuals harness its benefits.

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